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Languages understood:

Italian, English, Spanish, French

With which level of education are you involved?

Primary education

What discipline do you teach (mainly)?

Math, physics / sciencs.

Does your school, college or faculty teach for a specific discipline or is the education more general?

General education (e.g. primary or secondary school).

Are you yourself working with pupils/students or are you otherwise involved in education, (e.g. educational policy)?

Otherwise: teaching teachers within their schools and teaching (together with them) to their pupils.

What kind of organisational relation do you have with your educational work?

Professional / important source of income as well as unpaid / volunteer work.

How many years is it since you first started your efforts to integrate mindfulness into your educational work?


On average, what age are the pupils/students with who you are working?

Varies widely.

Can you describe briefly what you are doing with your pupils/students to integrate mindfulness in your educational work?

I say to my students (either primary school teachers or primary school pupils) that, according to my experience, our ability to perform (individually or as a group) science inquiries (i.e. science learning) is much improved when we are calm and have mind and body together.
Therefore we start every session with 5 minutes of "mindfulness of the breath".

Other ways to integrate mindfulness concern the concentration that we need when looking (and listening) to the phenomena (that are the object of our inquiries) and the way to share our opinions and feelings to the others. Sometimes we create with our bodies (either static or mooving) "models" of the phenomena under inquiry and this requires mindfulness.....

What is it that would be most helpful to you to (further) improve your work with integrating mindfulness in your educational work, besides deepening your own practice?

- - -

Have you noticed or heard of any changes in the behaviour of your pupils/students?


What is the nature of the changes you have noticed in the behaviour of your pupils/students?

Better (school) grades, improved class room behaviour.

What is the base of the mindfulness practise you are using in your educational work?

Secular based.