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Languages understood:

English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish

With which level of education are you involved?

Different / divers levels

What discipline do you teach (mainly)?


Does your school, college or faculty teach for a specific discipline or is the education more general?

Professional education: teachers, artists, IT-personel, marketeers, office managers.

Are you yourself working with pupils/students or are you otherwise involved in education, (e.g. educational policy)?

(mainly) teaching pupils/students.

What kind of organisational relation do you have with your educational work?

(mainly) professional / important source of income.

How many years is it since you first started your efforts to integrate mindfulness into your educational work?


On average, what age are the pupils/students with who you are working?

19 - 21 years

Can you describe briefly what you are doing with your pupils/students to integrate mindfulness in your educational work?

I give full 8-weeks trainings. I use mindful breaks. I share ideas throughout classes. I use mindful yoga in specific project workweeks. I try to communicate from a mindful stance, using the ideas of Marshall Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication) I have used different exercices in different settings (eg: walking meditation, awareness of breath at beginning of class, awareness of sound in between classes, ...)

What is it that would be most helpful to you to (further) improve your work with integrating mindfulness in your educational work, besides deepening your own practice?

Discuss ideas and results, finding a way to make it seem less 'strange', to make it feel as important as eating, breathing and sleeping ....

Have you noticed or heard of any changes in the behaviour of your pupils/students?


What is the nature of the changes you have noticed in the behaviour of your pupils/students?

Improved behaviour outside the school environment. More insight in their own possibility to change something in their lives. Feeling more in control. Being able to feel at ease.

What is the base of the mindfulness practise you are using in your educational work?

Secular based.