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Languages understood:

English, German, French, Dutch

With which level of education are you involved?


What discipline do you teach (mainly)?

Music, religion

Does your school, college or faculty teach for a specific discipline or is the education more general?

Professional education

For what type of profession are your students being educated?

Musicians and Bachelors in different directions.

Are you yourself working with pupils/students or are you otherwise involved in education, (e.g. educational policy)?

(mainly) teaching pupils/students

What kind of organisational relation do you have with your educational work?

Professional / important source of income as well as unpaid / volunteer work.

How many years is it since you first started your efforts to integrate mindfulness into your educational work?


On average, what age are the pupils/students with who you are working?


Can you describe briefly what you are doing with your pupils/students to integrate mindfulness in your educational work?

I have developed two programs partly based on Zen principles.

One is for musicians: 'Music & Meditation'. This is a method which helps students to integrate meditation techniques in making music. The result is that they free themselves from nerves and it helps them to develop a deeper quality in their music. I teach this program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

'Back to your Source' is the second program. I developed this program for the Inholland University as a differentiationminor. Students of all kinds of majors can choose it. This Minor will start february 2009 and is an eight week full time program. In this program students learn how to develop inner listening as a tool to free their creativity and inspiration. It helps them to find a balance between their thinking and their feeling. The result we aim is that they will be more effective and creative in their studies and work.

What is it that would be most helpful to you to (further) improve your work with integrating mindfulness in your educational work, besides deepening your own practice?

Help in organizing en networking would be very welcome.

Have you noticed or heard of any changes in the behaviour of your pupils/students?


What is the nature of the changes you have noticed in the behaviour of your pupils/students?

Better (school) grades, improved class room behaviour, improved behaviour in the family situation and improved behaviour outside the school environment.
Students are more peaceful and are more patient. They concentrate much better. Their results are better. They are happier. They have found a deeper layer in themselves.

What is the base of the mindfulness practise you are using in your educational work?

Secular based.