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What is it we can do today that will have a profound effect on how our world will be tomorrow? Among a lot of things educating our planets future inhabitants in a concious way is probably one of the most influencial things that comes to mind.

This website is aimed at professionals working in the field of education in Europe and focuses on the subject of putting mindfulness in to practice in their work environment.

For the time being the focus lies on two activities which are both based on sharing the knowledge that exists in this area:
1. enabling professionales to get in thouch with each other;
2. sharing experiences (and experiments) of applications of
    mindfulness in teaching;
3. sharing valuable sources of knowledge.

As living, this site is a work in progress, but may - contrary to our own life - only be in its very early stage. But, so far as hope has substance, the site is intended to support educational professional with their daily challenges in the field of mindfulness in education.



Wikipedia about 'Mindfulness'
Many pages have been written about the concept of Mindfulness. Amongst them the reference text about the term on Wikipedia is probably the one with highest number of hits.